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Remote Starters & Alarms

Don't let just anyone mess up your car trying to install your new car alarm or remote starter. For those who get caught up in the "PRICING GAME", trying to save a few dollars can cost you hundreds or even thousands more down the line!

Technicians at Tinting Electronic Automation have been in the business of installing remote starters & alarms for almost 20 years. Their experience comes with work that's backed as long as you own the vehicle - whether 20 days or 20 years!

Remote Starter Repairs


Have a remote starter that doesn't work, or only functions periodically? Can't find the original installer? We can help! 

Tinting Electronic Automation offers FREE remote starter consultation to help find a solution that meets your needs.

If we can't fix your remote starter issue, there is NO CHARGE.

Does that sound fair? Then call today and book your appointment!

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Tinting Electronic Automation

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Installation are by appointments ONLY.


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