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Ceramic Window Tint


Starting from $270+.

Crossovers, Vans & SUVs

Starting from $320+.

Front Windows Only

Starting from $150+.

Sunroof/Moonroof Tinting

Starting from $80+.

Think we're too expensive?

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"Budget friendly" window tint  =  You get what you pay for.

Cheap quality window tint
Cheap quality window tint
Cheap Quality Window Tint

Sure, we could offer $150 full vehicle tint jobs! IF we didn't care about quality. BUT, we do. So we don't.

The pictures above illustrate what cheap tint jobs offer. Our customer came to us to peel and re-tint after getting it done elsewhere only 1 year prior.

Picture 1: Notice the bubbling/peeling. The customer was probably happy for the first year or so. But cheap quality tints have cheap quality glue. They degrade over time and with heat.

Picture 2: Try changing lanes at night with that window! Of course it wasn't like that a year ago when it was new. But distortion and difficulties seeing through are common with cheap quality films. Have you ever had a cheap pair of fashion sunglasses? Does "instant headache" ring a bell? Quality matters.

Picture 3: Umm, where's the tint? Outside vs inside are almost identical... why? Well, over time, cheap quality tints are made with dye and fade over time.

There's so much more we could explain, but a quick Google search will offer lots of quality info.


Vehicle window tinting is a one-time investment. If you end up with tint looking like the pics above, we offer tint removal as well.  But it's time-consuming and costly. Get it done right the first time.

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